Thin Chair

This is a chair for children that has been constructed using paper with a high level of durability,

which is also used for luxury suitcases.

With a thickness of just 1.6mm, the weight of this paper is an extremely light 0.5 kg.

When unfolded, more than 400 chairs can be stored in a single cubic meter of space.

By simply folding a sheet of paper over itself and fixing the overlapping area into place, the construction of a chair is complete.

This paper is also highly recyclable, so it can be recycled an put to another use when its purpose has been served.

The demand for products that can be constructed simply using only a small amount of material,  have an extremely light weight, and can be transported with minimal energy and stored in limited space is expected to continually rise in the future. Thin chair is a chair product born from these needs in the marketplace.








Thin chairはそのような状況の中で生まれた椅子です。

Materials :

Vulcanized Fibre


Dimensions :

W495 × D390 × H500 SH : 190

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