Ignorance is bliss

The media, tolerating the intrusive behavior of paparazzi and driven by viewership, and audience encouraging such media attitude, do not sit with me. The audience should be more concerned about the media quality.

Even glitzy celebrities we see on stage and screen do have a human side, and it is natural for commoners to develop un urge to get a glimpse of the hidden human face of the stars. Once we manage to get a glimpse, however, we would most likely regret seeing it. Ignorance is bliss. But the urge to peek persists.

I designed the lighting with the theme of  psychological conflict and the sense of discomfort pervading the society.






Materials :

candle, screen, LED lighting


Dimensions :



Photo by :

Ikuo Kubota


Video  :

video of "Ignorance is bliss"


Video by :

Yasuhito Iwata , Johnny Hirota

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