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 Almost two years into the pandemic, many of us would have learned how to get information by and for ourselves. Before the pandemic, even I had not expected to find it by myself, except to be given by the major media outlets. However, in the past two years, I learned to choose the best path to follow for myself by actively seeking out information. Ideally, in my future career, I hope to use this experience in a society that is changing at an ever increasing pace. Recently, I have been interested in the metaverse and voluntarily looking for related information about it. Working from home during the pandemic has become more and more popular, and the metaverse will facilitate this trend even further in remarkable ways. The two-dimensional communication on the Internet, using text and images, will be replaced by the three-dimensional communication via a shared space communication system, expanding the range of things that can be done. Or to use an example, " the world with another dimension added", which means "a world where we humans, who only move horizontally, will be able to take off vertically like a bird". Such a change will occur when it comes to future communication services. Naturally, such a design will be required in the new realm. Both, the depth of design and design thinking in this new world will be quite different from anything in the past. In any case, it's good to experience these things early on. As part of such efforts, we have built a gallery in the metaverse space.



Balloon table

Inspired by the 1953 French film "The Red Balloon”, this balloon series, created in 2011, will take a new turn in the metaverse. In 2011, I created a bench suspended by balloons, on which sitting will let you to feel the same floating sensation as the boy in the film experienced. In reality, however, the bench was suspended from the ceiling by four anchors wrapped by a balloon-shaped cover, which seemingly defied gravity. In the metaverse space, being free from the laws of physics, there is no need to do it. It matters little whether slanted or floating. In the metaverse space, we hope you enjoy the same feeling, the floating feeling, as the main character of "The Red Balloon" experienced.


1953年にフランスで製作された映画「赤い風船」からインスピレーションを得て2011年に創作したballoonシリーズがメタバースで新たな展開を見せます。2011年に現実の世界で風船に吊るされたベンチを作りました。そこに座ると映画の中で主人公の少年が味わった浮遊感を体感することができるのですが、実際には4点のアンカーでベンチを天井から吊るし、風船の形をした カバーでアンカー部分を覆い隠すことで重力に抗っていました。物理法則から解放されたメタバース内であれば重力に抗う必要はありません。斜めでも、浮いていても成立します。映画「赤い風船」の主人公が味わった以上の浮遊感をメタバースでお楽しみください。


Material: Balloons, strings, wood (oak)

Size: W990 x D990 x H2750

Color variations: red, blue, yellow (limited 1 each)

0.03 ETH

Balloon bathtub

I honestly don't feel comfortable with the current avatar-based Metaverse.

I prefer to talk with people in their naked state if I can.

Even in the Metaverse, we can take off our avatar costumes and be ourselves in the bathtub.

If so, then the bathtub becomes a precious place in the Metaverse where we can talk in our true state.

Let's soak in a floating bathtub and talk about things in our naked state








Material: Balloons, strings, bathtub (FRP)

Size: W3300 x D2200 x H3300

Color variations: red, blue, yellow (limited 1 each)

0.03 ETH

Balloon Bed

The metaverse is expected to have one billion users in the next ten years. Meta (formerly Facebook) has made headlines by announcing that it will invest $10 billion annually to build it.There are many users who have already moved the most of their digital environment and resources to the metaverse space. Thus, we have designed a bed to make the inhabitants of this space feel at home. When they fall asleep in this bed, they may dream of the real world.





Materials: Balloons, strings, wood (oak), urethane cushions, sheets, pillows, comforters

Size: W1650 x D2750 x H2200

Color variations: red, blue, yellow (limited 1 each)

0.03 ETH

Balloon urinal

With the evolution of technology, the metaverse is becoming a space where we can have the same experience of not only sight and sound, but also touch, smell and taste, as in the real world. In the future, every human desire will be fulfilled in the metaverse space. However, satisfying the basic physiological needs for excretion is a tricky one. No matter how immersed we are in the metaverse, we have to return to the real world to go to the bathroom. Thus, we have designed a toilet for people who are so immersed that they forget to even go to the bathroom.

“I'm not interested in a world where even the most basic human needs are not satisfied.” by R.Mutt






「人間の根源的欲求すらも叶えられない世界に興味はない。」by R.Mutt


Material: Balloons, strings, toilet bowl

Size: W550 x D550 x H1925

Color variations: red, blue, yellow  (limited 1 each)

0.04 ETH

Balloon grave

Some futurists predict humans will be able to upload their consciousness to computers in the near future. In the U.S., there are already companies involved in the cryopreservation of whole brains for human consciousness transplants. In the future, people will realize the true nature of the metaverse as a space where the soul can become permanently blessed after death. Thereby, we have designed a device to transplant human consciousness into this new world.







Materials: balloons, strings, tombstones

Size: W2200 x D2200 x H2750

Color variations: red, blue, yellow  (limited 1 each)


0.03 ETH

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